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Japanese Language

The program is offered in multiple levels, and the appropriate course levels are designed for the participants from introductory learners who have no previous experience with Japanese, to more advanced students who have studied the language before. Class placement will be decided by the CJLE placement test, which is required for all the participants to take at the beginning of the program.

Lectures on Japanese Culture and Society

The lectures offer the opportunity to learn and come in touch with Japanese culture and society. Field trips are held, and each trip is preceded by a lecture given by our professors. Each lecture provides the background knowledge and information before the students participate in a particular field trip.

Optional Workshops and Activities

In addition to the Japanese language course and lectures on Japanese culture and society, we offer optional programs such as Noh workshop, home-visit program, origami workshop, calligraphy workshop and tea ceremony workshop.


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During the program, participants stay at Tachikawa Memorial International Hall in the Niiza campus and/or a hotel near the Niiza campus. Tachikawa Memorial International Hall is a conference and activity center established for the purpose of enabling various kinds of exchanges by a wide variety of people in the Rikkyo community. Classes are held at the Niiza campus, which is about a five-minute walk from the Tachikawa Memorial International Hall. Also, the Niiza campus is conveniently located near supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, and other facilities. Tokyo is only 30 minutes away from the Niiza Campus, so it is certainly possible to visit Tokyo.

University Facilities

The program participants will be given their student ID cards, which give them the access to the university libraries. They will also be given the access to the free-of-charge training gym on campus after they attend the orientation session.