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A Wealth of Experience in Japanese Language Education and Continuous Improvement

Japanese language education at the CJLE is supported by a superb teaching staff with a wealth of practical experience in teaching Japanese and the ability and desire to improve instruction through continuing practice and research. We make full use of the individual strengths of our two professors, three specially appointed associate professor, four adjunct lecturers and part-time lecturers, and offer Japanese language courses and a Japanese Language Support Desk to increase the abilities of international students to communicate in Japanese and to deepen their understanding of Japanese society and culture.

Professor Nobuko Ikeda    池田 伸子(教授)

池田伸子先生 Specialty: Educational Technology, Assistive Technology for Language Learning
Main Courses Taught: Japanese Society and Culture A/B/C,
Language and Society in Japan A/B, Academic Japanese:Writing Research Papers, Reading Resarch Papers
Business Japanese:Listening and Discussion A/B, Reading and Writing

 As globalization expands in the 21st century, language will assume an increasingly greater role.
 The other staff members and I provide a high-quality Japanese language program that will help all students who study at the Center to learn about Japan through the Japanese language and deepen their understanding of Japan.
Whether you have never studied Japanese before or aim to do research in Japanese Studies, we invite you to try the Japanese language program at Rikkyo’s  Center for Japanese Language Education.  We’re sure that we have courses that are just right for your needs.

Professor Chika Maruyama    丸山 千歌(教授)

丸山千歌先生 Specialty: Japanese as a Second Language, Sociolinguistics
Main Courses Taught: Japanese Society and Culture A/B/C
Language and Society in Japan A/B, Academic Japanese:Reading Research Papers, Writing Resarch Papers
Business Japanese:Listening and Discussion A/B, Reading and Writing *FY2021
 During their periods of study in Japan, I hope that all international students have their own individual, emotionally resonant experiences that deepen their understanding of Japanese people and Japanese society. In our role as Japanese language instructors, we want to support all international students in their lives in Japan as they discover a new “world.”

Specially Appointed Faculty Member  Megumi Fujita   藤田 恵(特任教員)

藤田恵先生 Specialty: Japanese Language Education, Pragmatics
Main Courses Taught:Basic Level Japanese (J1S), Intermediate/Advanced Level Reading (J5-J7)*Spring, Seminar on Japanese Language and Culture 2, Business Japanese A, Japanese for Careers A/B, Short-Term Intensive Japanese Program
 What does it mean to learn Japanese? I think there are many possible answers, such as memorizing vocabulary and
grammar or understanding Japan's people and culture. I would like all of you to learn a variety of things during your
international experience. Through your Japanese language classes, we will help you make your lives as international
students more pleasant and enriching. Let us help you fulfill your lives as international students.

Specially Appointed Faculty Member  Kumiko Kaneniwa  金庭 久美子(特任教員)

金庭久美子先生 Specialty: Japanese Language Education,
Listening Comprehension Research
Main Courses Taught:Basic Level Japanese (J0, J3*Spirng, J3S), Seminar on Japanese Language and Culture 3,Japanese for Careers A, Short-Term Intensive Japanese Program
 While studying Japanese, you will eventually "hit a wall" in each stage of learning. Even if you do not surmount those walls, you can still get by in Japan, but will you be content with that? If you are able to climb over those walls, you will find a more enjoyable life as an international student. Further, I believe that you will find new paths through life by becoming proficient in Japanese. We, the Japanese language teaching staff, will do our very best to help you all achieve your goals.

Specially Appointed Faculty Member  Eri Kazuno    数野 恵理(特任教員)

数野恵理先生 Specialty: Japanese Language Education, Pragmatics
Main Courses Taught: Basic Level Japanese (J2S), Intermediate/Advanced Level Composition(J5-J7), Integrated Japanese 6-8*Spring
 The number of foreign visitors to Japan has been increasing in recent years. As international students, however, your opportunities here should go beyond those that can be afforded by just travelling around the country. Also, the better your Japanese language skills are, the more rewarding your time in Japan will be.
 Rikkyo University offers a wide range of Japanese language support services designed to assist international students both inside and outside of the classroom. We encourage you to fully explore and take advantage of these services. At Rikkyo University, we are committed to fostering both academic and personal success for all international students. Let’s all work hard together.

Adjunct Lecturer Yoko Kanome   鹿目 葉子(教育講師)

鹿目葉子先生 Specialty: Japanese-language education, Language acquisition
Main Courses Taught: Basig Level (J1), Intermediate/Advanced Level Grammar (J5-J7), Kanji, Integrated Japanese 4-6
At Rikkyo University, I would like you to learn about Japanese society and culture in depth through “Japanese language”. Our Japanese language education program offers diverse and rich contents. Through collaborative learning experience with students from various countries, you will have chances to better prepare yourself for a global society, and it will serve you well in the future. So, let’s give it our all at Rikkyo University.

Adjunct Lecturer Tomomi Kobayashi   小林 友美(教育講師)

小林友美先生 Specialty: Japanese Language Teaching, Discourse Analysis
Main Courses Taught: Intermediate Level(J4),Intermediate/Advanced Level Listening and Conversation(J5-J7), Seminar on Japanese Language and Culture 1
I hope your time to be spent here at Rikkyo University is fruitful, learning and experiencing many new things.
We will support you in learning Japanese so that you can freely express your feelings and thoughts in another language.
I am looking forward to the chance to study with everyone and create new bonds.

Adjunct Lecturer Maho Komatsu 小松 満帆(教育講師)

小松満帆先生 Specialty: Japanese Language Education, Sociolinguistics
Main Courses Taught: Basic Level (J2), Japanese Language and Japanese Culture, Japanese Language and Japanese Society, Business Japanese I
Out of many countries and languages in the world, we are very pleased that you chose Japan and the Japanese language. As you become familiar with Japan, the Japanese language, and Japanese people, it is our hope that your learning discoveries are broad and deep. We will support you through Japanese language classes and extracurricular activities so that your learning will be most fulfilling. We are confident that your life at Rikkyo University will be a wonderful experience.

Adjunct Lecturer Jaehee Yim     任 ジェヒ(教育講師)

任ジェヒ先生 Specialty: Japanese Language Education, Pragmatics,Taigu-Communication Education
Main Courses Taught: Basic Level(J3)*Fall, Intermediate/Advanced Level Reading *Fall, Integrated Japanese 6-8*Fall
I believe that our support with your Japanese studies at Rikkyo University will make you feel like you made the right choice. At Rikkyo you can learn Japanese alongside our other international students from around the world and explore various cultures in this diverse community. I am sure that your Japanese studies with us will be a strong step towards a bright future.

      Part-time Lecturers  兼任講師

      • 長谷川 孝子 Takako Hasegawa
      • 東平 福美 Fukumi Higashihira
      • 平山 紫帆 Shiho Hirayama
      • 保坂 明香 Asuka Hosaka
      • 黄 慧 Hui Huang
      • 井上 玲子 Reiko Inoue
      • 泉 大輔 Daisuke Izumi
      • 神元 愛美子 Emiko Kamimoto
      • 川端 芳子 Yoshiko Kawabata
      • 小森 由里 Yuri Komori
      • 三浦 綾乃 Ayano Miura
      • 森井 あずさ Azusa Morii
      • 長島 明子 Akiko Nagashima
      • 小澤 雅  Miyabi Ozawa
      • 斉藤 紀子 Noriko Saito
      • 佐々木 藍子 Aiko Sasaki
      • 沢野 美由紀 Miyuki Sawano
      • 末松 史 Fumi Suematsu
      • 高嶋 幸太 Kota Takashima
      • 武田 聡子 Satoko Takeda
      • 谷 啓子 Keiko Tani
      • 栃木 亜寿香 Asuka Tochigi
      • 冨倉 教子 Kyoko Tomikura
      • 山内 薫 Kaori Yamauchi

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