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Japanese Language Support Desk

The CJLE offers the Japanese Language Support Desk service to assist international students in their Japanese language studies. CJLE Instructors who specialize in Japanese language education and Student Advisers will consult with you. There are 2 types of consultation slots for Japanese Language Support Desk. One is Student Adviser's slots and the other is CJLE Instructor's slots. Eligible students, Type of support and the schedule are different between Student Advisers and CJLE Instructors. Please read below carefully before you make an appointment.

The services include the following:

Types of Support

  • In principle, prepare the materials for consultation in advance or on the consultation day.

How to Make Appointments

  • Please consider the rules for reservation below and click "Reserve Online" below to make an appointment.
  • <Reservation>
  • ●Normally, appointments can be made two weeks in advance.
     Appointments at the beginning of each semester can be made 7 to 10 days in advance.
  • ●Appointments can be made for one 50-minute session each time.
  • ●Appointments made online must be made at least one day in advance.
  • ●An appointment on the day is acceptable. Please note that it would take time for arranagement so that make sure to have enough time for making an appointment. Please email CJLE at cjle@rikkyo.ac.jp to make an appointment on the day. An appointment on the day is available for students who have a future reservation without them needing to forfeit their prearranged session.
  • <Submit the work to have checked in advance>
  • ●If the work that you would like to have checked is long, please email them to designated email address below by 5:00 pm 2 business days prior to the appointment date.
    【CJLE Instrucutor's slots】cjle@rikkyo.ac.jp
    【Student Adviser's slots】cjle-adviser@rikkyo.ac.jp
    In your email, make sure to write the appointment date/time, your student ID number, and name in full. Then the instructor can read it beforehand. Depending on the contents and length, you may need to have several sessions.
  • <Cancellation or change reservation>
  • ●You may cancel or change reservation online by the day before the appointment date.
  • ●Cancellation and reservation change cannot be made online on the day of the session.
     Please contact the CJLE office by email at cjle@rikkyo.ac.jp

Open Hours

The Support Desk is offered during the semester and the official exam period.
*Closed during University recesses (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring)

If classes are cancelled due to some special conditions such as an approaching typhoon, the Support Desk is closed.  In that situation, please make a new reservation. 

The Support Desk open hours are as below. 



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