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In order to provide training at each student’s level of proficiency, Rikkyo University offers a Japanese Language Education Program consisting of nine levels from J0 (basic) to J8 (advanced). The level of courses that each student takes is determined by the results of the placement test that he or she takes each semester before the beginning of classes.

Levels J0, J1, J1S, J2, J2S, J3, and J3S are treated as one set, and students must take all classes offered at these levels. J1, J2, and J3 courses meet five times a week, while J0, J1S, J2S, and J3S courses meet three times a week. J0, J1, and J1S courses are conducted mostly in English, but as the classes proceed, the number of explanations provided in Japanese increases. Note that students in J1S, J2S, and J3S learn the content of the J1, J2, and J3 courses during three sessions per week. Otherwise, the content is exactly the same as in J1, J2, and J3.

We offer courses including Japanese Language and Japanese Culture, Seminar 1, Seminar 2, and Seminar 3, which are not language courses but courses for learning content, giving the students the opportunity to learn about the Japanese language and various cultural aspects of the Japanese language. The “Japanese Language and Japanese Culture” course is conducted in English, so international students can take the course regardless of their Japanese language abilities. We have prepared courses for students who do not have the Japanese language proficiency to take courses designed for Japanese nationals: Seminar 1 (for J2 students), Seminar 2 (for J3 students), and Seminar 3 (for J4 and J5 students). These courses enable students to study content such as Japanese anime, manga and novels, using their own respective language skills.

Furthermore, at the Niiza campus, we have instituted an integrated course in Intermediate Japanese, where J4, J5, and J6 students study together in the same classroom, regardless of level.

Level of Japanese Required
Course/LevelStandard of eligibility to attend each level
J0 Designed for students who have no prior learning experience in Japanese and want to learn everyday Japanese expressions and vocabulary.
*This course is completed in half a semester, so is not for students who want to continue to learn Japanese.
J1・J1S Designed for students who have no prior learning experience in Japanese but can read/write hiragana and katakana or those who have prior experience but only a limited knowledge (have not yet mastered basic conjugations of verbs and adjectives or have a vocabulary of less than 500 words, etc.).
J2・J2S Designed for students who have a very basic knowledge of Japanese (basic conjugations of verbs and adjectives and a vocabulary of 500 words).
J3・J3S Designed for students who have already mastered the first half of fundamental sentence structure and a fundamental vocabulary (about 1000 words).
J4 Designed for students who can communicate with friends, or who can deal with well-known topics in Japanese. Students have mastered the fundamental sentence structures and a fundamental vocabulary (about 2000 words).
J5 Designed for students who can deal with everyday situations in Japanese.
J6 Designed for students with average daily Japanese comprehension. Students can read magazines or newspapers using a dictionary, and can write their opinions in appropriate Japanese.
J7 Designed for students who can express their opinions on politics, economics, international affairs, and other topics in high-level Japanese. Students can read magazines or newspapers without using a dictionary, and write their opinions in appropriate, sophisticated Japanese.
J8 Designed for students who have mastered a high level of grammar, kanji and vocabulary and who are also able to study or perform research in Japanese.

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Summary of J8 Courses
Advanced Essay Writing for Academic Purposes Students receive practical instruction in organization of academic papers, rules for writing, use of phrases, etc.
Advanced Reading for Academic Purposes Students learn the writing style of Japanese academic papers while reading academic papers from a variety of fields.
Various Aspects of
Japanese Language
Students learn about the unique characteristics of the Japanese language, such as emotional adjectives or numerical classifiers.
Japanese Culture and Japanese Society Students learn about contemporary Japanese society and culture.
Career Japanese A Students learn about interviews, writing job applications, and other aspects of Japanese language and business etiquette required to find a job.
Career Japanese B Students receive practical instruction about the Japanese language portions of employment exams.
Business Japanese
Oral 1
Students learn the conversational skills required for the workplace, such as honorific/humble language and treatment expressions.
Business Japanese
Oral 2
Students learn the Japanese required for more sophisticated business situations, such as negotiations and handling of complaints.
Business Japanese (Writing, Business Documents) Students learn to read and write business documents such as business letters and reports.

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Content Courses
Name of CourseLevel of Japanese requiredContent
Japanese Language & Japanese Culture This course is taught in English, so no particular level is required. Students learn about haiku, common expressions, proverbs, currently popular words and expressions, and other aspects of the Japanese language deeply connected to Japanese culture. The topics covered encompass a wide range, from food to subcultures, making this an interesting and enjoyable course.
Seminar 1 J2、J2S This course enables students to deepen their understanding of Japanese society and culture through the study of Japanese anime and songs. Classes are conducted in Level J2 Japanese.
Seminar 2 J3、J3S This course enables students to deepen their understanding of Japanese society and culture through Japanese-language movies and manga. Classes are conducted in Level J3 Japanese.
Seminar 3 J4、J5 This course enables students to deepen their understanding of Japanese society and culture through Japanese novels and poetry. Classes are conducted in Level J4 Japanese.

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