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Rikkyo Kanji Certificate Examination (RKCE)

The Rikkyo Kanji Certificate Examination (RKCE) is an original test designed by Rikkyo University to evaluate students’ knowledge of kanji (reading, form recognition and meaning), and is held four times a year.
It does not affect overall grades in the Japanese Language Program. It is held in order to monitor your progress. If you score sufficiently on the exam, a certificate of accomplishment will be issued.
The registration procedure is as follows:

Examination Schedule

◆AY2021 Rikkyo Kanji Certificate Exam Schedule

Date and Time
Registration Deadline
Wednesday, June 2
Wednesday, May 5
Wednesday, July 14
Wednesday, June 16
Wednesday, November 24
Wednesday, October 27
Wednesday, January 19
Wednesday, December 22


Application forms are available at the Center for Japanese Language Education Office. Students must complete the form before the deadline
and submit it to the CJLE Office (In Kanji class,Instructions will be given by the staff).

CJLE OfficeIkebukuro Campus:International Office(McKim Hall, 1st floor)
Niiza Campus:International Office(Building No.7, 2nd floor)

Exam Levels

The RKCE has three levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced. Each level is further divided into six stages for basic (B6-B1), seven for intermediate students (IA-IG), and seven for advanced students (AA-AG). Depending on your skill level, learning progress and your area of specialization, you can choose the appropriate level, stage and area. Students must sit for each test in sequence – if you start from B4, you cannot take B2 unless you pass B3.

If you are absent from or cancel the exam, or when you score 40 points or below, upon the next application, you have to apply from the limited levels, stages and areas as following.

Level of your last applicationIf you are absent from or cancel the examWhen you score 40 points or lower at the exam
BasicReapply for the same stage.Reapply for the same stage or lower stage.
IntermediateReapply for the same level and the same area.Reapply for the same level and the same area or apply for Basic level.
AdvancedReapply for the same level and the same area or apply for Intermediate or Basic level.

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