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Short-Term Intensive Japanese Program

1. Program Description

Rikkyo University presents the Short-Term Intensive Japanese Program. With more than 35 years of experience in teaching Japanese as a foreign language, Rikkyo University established the Center for Japanese Language Education (CJLE) in 2011. The Center has supported hundreds of international students in their pursuit of Japanese language abilities and Japanese cultural knowledge. For students who wish to enhance their Japanese language skills and experience the Japanese culture, the CJLE offers a unique learning opportunity.

●Experienced teaching staff work with the students to improve their proficiency in all of four basic language skills in small sized classes.
●The Short-Term Intensive Japanese Program provides ample opportunity to interact with local Rikkyo students.
●Organized off-campus field trips further enhance the understanding of the Japanese language, society and culture.
●Experience and enjoy the lively urban atmosphere of the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Our Newest Program: <2017 Summer (Apply here)>
Application Deadline: March 17, 2017

2. Course Description

The program comprises Japanese language classroom instruction, lectures in English on Japanese society and culture, and field trips. The program runs from Monday to Friday, with Japanese classes conducted in the morning and lectures on Japanese society and culture. During the program, there is ample opportunity to communicate with local Japanese students. Upon completing the program, participants will be given a certificate of completion and an official transcript.

3. Japanese Language

The program is offered in multiple levels and the appropriate course levels are designed for the participants of each program. Class placement will be decided by the CJLE placement test, which is required for all the participants to take at the beginning of the program.

4. Lectures on Japanese Society and Culture

The lectures offer the opportunity to learn and come in touch with Japanese society and culture. Field trips are held, and each trip is preceded by a lecture given by our professors. Each lecture provides the background knowledge and information before the students participate in a particular field trip.

5. Optional Workshops and Activities

In addition to the Japanese language class and lectures on Japanese society and culture, optional workshops are offered for the program participants. For instance, activities such as Noh Workshop, Home Visit Program, Origami, Calligraphy, and Tea Ceremony Event are included.

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