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An Overview of the Japanese Language Education Program

1.Japanese Language Education for Short-Term International Students or
   International Students Formally Admitted to a Graduate School

Rikkyo University offers nine levels of Japanese courses from J0 (basic) to J8 (advanced).

We have also instituted courses that allow J0 to J3/J3S students to learn about the Japanese language and cultural aspects of the Japanese language in English(Japanese Language and Japanese Culture / Japanese Language and Japanese Society).

Furthermore, we have devised courses for students who have insufficient language ability to take ordinary specialized university courses but still want to take some sort of content course in Japanese.These three seminars for students at levels J2, J3, J4, and J5 provide students with the opportunities to learn about Japanese anime, manga, movies, novels, songs, or other content in easy-to-understand Japanese.

At the Niiza campus, we have instituted an integrated course in Intermediate Japanese in which J4, J5, and J6 students study together in the same classroom, regardless of level.

2. Japanese Language Education Offered to Undergraduate Colleges, etc.

The Center for Japanese Language Education (CJLE) offers programs tailored to the needs of undergraduate colleges and others.
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